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Zither is a very interesting musical weapon. It is focused around buffs, but it also is a random debuffer.
Image Weapon Soul Level Description
Zither10icon Words of Ancient No 10 The Zither talents and skills can be used after this weapon is equipted.
Zither20icon Sound of Bone Soul No 20
Zither30icon Frost Moon No 30
Zither40icon Wither Sound No 40
Zither50icon Red Worm No 50
Zither60icon Cicada Feather No 60
Zither70icon Light Dance No 70
Zither80icon Real Sound No 80
Zither90icon Motion Capture Zither No 90
Zither100icon Ancient Dragon No 100
Zither30icon Fragrant Flower Soul 30
Zither40icon Illusion Sound Soul 40
Zither50icon Blood Tile Soul 50
Zither60icon Brahma-susvara Soul 60
Zither70icon Sound of Heaven Soul 70
Zither80icon Musical Instrument Soul 80
Zither90icon Heaven-Shaking Soul 90
Zither100icon Heaven and Hell Soul 100
Zither70icon Autumn Cold Jade Divine 70
Zither80icon Foggy Mountain Divine 80
Zither90icon Two Phoenix Singing Divine 90
Zither100icon Dragon Morningstar Divine 100
Soul type weapons cannot sell to other player, it is bound items.
Divine type weapons already modify weapons.