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A Sword is the fastest DPS close-ranged weapon. Think of sword as Loong's version of the Assassin meant for offensive assault and bleed damage.

Master of the Sword:Edit

Recommended attribute points according to the game:

[Skill] - Improve Hit Rate and Attack to increase the effects of critical and general damage. Sword = High DPS.

[Strength]- Improve External Damage and External Defense. Sword = Armor using Class i.e. in the thick of battle/front lines.

Other recommended attribute points:

[Physique]- Improves Hit Points and External Defense. This is a good stat for those who feel they may not have enough hp to survive attacks before they aquire the appropriate sword skills. It can also help those who are Polearm or Sabre hybrid for tanking purposes.

People usually get put off by the low damage the sword does in the early levels, but beacuse it does it so fast it actually ranks fairly high in the damage factor among the External Weapons. Sword skills allow bleeding, stun and slowing down which makes DPS even more appealing.

Initially you might get confused with all the skills. The truth is, you don't need any skill from the first skill tree till about level 44, with the exception of Tow-Faced Heart which amplifies Attack Rate and Dodge i.e. faster/more accurate strikes and better survivability. When you have a string of bleed moves you can string them along to make a bleed combo to contribute to your method of attack. [Move to Skills for further details]

Types of Attribute builds (This is based on a 4 point system, that is every two levels as you aquire 2 attribute points per level):

  • 2 Skill / 1 Strength / 1 Physique (Build is best suited for those looking for more survivability or hybriding with Sabre or Polearm)
  • 2 Skill / 2 Strength (This build is more balanced and a typical Sword build)
  • 3 Skill/ 1 Strength (This build is a full on offensive build best for pure Sword users)

The Master of A Swordsman:Edit

NPC - Shi Gunag

The Sword talent is a kind of external kungfu damage talent which has a very high attack. It's a kind of explosive kungfu.

When you set the attributes, consider that Skill is the main attribute, while Strength is secondary (With Physique as the third).

When player has reached level 80 becomes a Swordsman.

Sword Talents:Edit

The Sword Talent is an External Damage Talent, known for quick, strong, and accurate attacks.
Sword masters have many special skills. Their attacks are good at piercing enemy armour and causing great damage. Good at dealing critical damage and will be an excellent damage dealer for a team.
Swordsmen are effective at dealing injury damage over time. Can reduce the enemy's movement speed and increase their own speed.


  • Fast Attack Speed
  • Stringable Bleed Skills
  • High Critical Damage
  • Armor/Speed Debuffs to weaken and prevent enemies from escaping quickly
  • Makes a good subweapon to Polearms and Sabres


  • Weak Damage at the low levels
  • Few if any escape skills
  • May need a more damage based sub weapon

Suggested Pairings:

  • Polearm: Is a good sub weapon for Sword to increase survivability and tanking. You will only be touching up on the Polearm passives and Stances.
  • Sabre: Another good sub weapon for Sword, providing more direct damage skills as opposed to swords bleed and slow death skills.
  • Glove/Ying: A good sub weapon/tree that will provide more slow and cc (crowd controling) effects to the Sword user. It also gives way to some ranged attacks however the damage will not be as high due to the fact you will not be touching Spirit Attributes.
  • Sword: This is for the pure Sword user. Not only does carrying two swords look cool BUT even if you are not using the other Sword its stats will still be applied to your character not to memtion always good to have a back-up sword incase the main one breaks.

Skill Tree:Edit


Sword Skills/TIps:Edit

Common SkillEdit

Icon Skill Weapon Action Damage Skill Level Description
Common Attack Common Attack Any Weapon Active Normal 1

Basic Attack

Rage of Thunder Rage of Thunder Any Weapon Active AoE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Summons lighting to strike all the monsters in 5 meters radius, dealing damage. Casting this skill will cost a Wind-Fire Stone.
All Elements All Elements Any Weapon Active AoE 1 Attack all the monsters within a 25 meters radius. This will consume the Wind-Fire Stone when you use this skill. There is no talent and weapon limit for using this skill. Can only be used inside Novice Cultivation Area

Basic Skill (Tier One)Edit

Icon Skill Weapon Action Damage Skill Level Description
Basic Sword Basic Sword None Passive None 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Basic Sword techniques that improve Physique, Strength, and Skill. Required for more advanced Sword skills.
Flowing Zen Strike Flowing Zen Strike Sword Active Bleeding Injury 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Attack an opponent's unprotected areas to cause Bleeding Injury over 21 seconds and reduce their HP by 15 every 4 seconds.
Two-Faced Heart Two-Faced Heart Sword Active Self-Buff/Stance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Improve hit rate and dodge. Reduces MP. Cannot be used with 3 Soul Purity.
Silk Reeling Sword Silk Reeling Sword Sword Active/span> Bleeding Damage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Cause additional damage and inflict Fatigue which reduces defense for 20 seconds.
Zen Focus Zen Focus None Passive None 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Increases the Bleeding Injury damage caused by Flowing Zen Strike. Requires at least one point in Flowing Zen Strike.
Six Pulse Breath Six Pulse Breath None Passive None 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Strengthens Two-Faced Heart, increasing hit rate and dodge, but increasing the reduction of the maximum MP. Requires 1 point in Two-Faced Heart.

Tier One Tips:

  • Basic Sword: Needed to learn ANY Sword skills as well as Tier 1 Sword skills. By level20 you will need 10 points to get Intermediate Sword.
  • Flowing Zen Strike: This skill doesn't mention it but it strikes 3 times before delivering the Bleed. Eaach Stike has it's own crit chance with the first strike being the highest. Later it chains with HeartSeeking Blade (level21) and Shaolin Slash(level41). It is your main damage skill for quite a while, If you're focused on Sword as your main build.
  • Two-Faced Heart: Is best used for those with a defensive build. If you're looking for damage skip stating it and wait for Tier 2 where you can get 3 Soul Purity.
  • Skill reeling Sword: At first it seems useful but the scaling of the debuff isn't realitively high and is best to be skipped unless Sword is your subwweapon and Polearm or Sabre is your main.
  • Zen Focus: The passive that boosts Flowing Zen Strike. If you're Sword Focused this is a must as it increases the bleed damage of FZS.
  • Six Pulse Breath: Only aquire if you plan on maxing out Two-Faced Heart as it strengthens Two-Faced Heart's Hit Rate and Dodge.

Intermediate SkillEdit

Icon Skill Weapon Action Description
Intermediate Sword Intermediate Sword None Passive Intermediate Sword techniques that improve Physique, Strength, and Skill. Required for more advanced Sword skills.
Jade Maiden's Gift Jade Maiden's Gift Sword Active
Divine Cadence Divine Cadence Sword Active
3 Soul Purity 3 Soul Purity Sword Active
Heartseeking Blade Heartseeking Blade Sword Active
Jade Maiden Heart Jade Maiden Heart None Passive
Viper Reflexes Viper Reflexes Sword Active
Sanqing Taoist Soul Sanqing Taoist Soul None Passive
Ancestor's Soul Ancestor's Soul None Passive
Sanqing Mirror Sanqing Mirror Sword Active

Advance SkillEdit

Icon Skill Weapon Action Description
Advanced Sword None Passive Advanced Sword techniques that improve Physique, Strength, and Skill. Required for more advanced Sword skills.
Sword Active
Sword Active
Sword Active
Sword Active
None Passive
None Passive
Sword Active
Sword Active
Sword Active
Sword Active
None Passive

Master SkillEdit

Icon Skill Weapon Action Description
Swordman None Passive Master Sword techniques that improve Physique, Strength, and Skill. Required for more advanced Sword skills.
Sword Active
Sword Active
Sword Active
Sword Active
None Passive
None Passive
None Passive
Sword Active
Sword Active

Sword Gameplay Related VideosEdit

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