In Loong, "Stat Attributes" are very essential because they upgrade your character in...

Everytime you level up, you will obtain 2 Attribute Points in which you can use to upgrade your character's stats attributes and increase power, defense, etc.

Types of Stat Attributes and The DescriptionsEdit

Physique - Increases Health Points and External Defense

Strength - Increases External Attack and External Defenses

Qi - Increases Mana Points and Internal Defense

Spirit - Increases Internal Attack and Internal Defense

Agility - Increases Dodge and Defense

Skill - Increases Hit Rate and Attack

Changing/Reseting/Restarting Stat AttributesEdit

There are a few ways to change, reset, or restart your stat attributes.

    • If you are below level 30, you should have already recieved 2 Energy Dissolving Pill and 2 Marrow-Cleansing Pill. Those specific pills are used for new Loong players to test out their Talent Points and Stat Attributes Points. [WARNING, If you do not use the pills at Level 30, you will not be able to to use it after you pass Level 30.]
    • If you are above Level 30, you only have one choice left. You will have to earn Ingots and buy Talent Reset Pills or buy Stat Attributes Reset Pills from the Dragon Market (V).

Steps to buy Talent Reset Pills or Stat Attributes Reset Pills:

Dragon Market (V) ----->Consume----->Reset----->Buy your Talent Reset Pills or Stat Attributes Reset Pills