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Spirit TotemEdit

Spirit Totem is a short range internal backpack weapon.
Image Weapon Soul Level Description
SpiritTotem10icon Fire Red Bamboo No 10 The Yang, Yin, and Healing & Poison talents and skills can be used after this weapon is equipted.
SpiritTotem20icon Core of Nature No 20
SpiritTotem30icon Fire Certificate No 30
SpiritTotem40icon Cold Jade Breaking No 40
SpiritTotem50icon Swimming Dragon No 50
SpiritTotem60icon Understand Changes No 60
SpiritTotem70icon Crouching Weapon No 70
SpiritTotem80icon Dragon Flying Plume No 80
SpiritTotem90icon Sumeru Fairy Plume No 90
SpiritTotem100icon Thunder God Miror No 100
SpiritTotem30icon Heart Reflecting Soul 30
SpiritTotem40icon Nice Mountains Soul 40
SpiritTotem50icon Dragon Heart Soul 50
SpiritTotem60icon Illusion Umbrella Soul 60
SpiritTotem70icon Spring Autumn Soul 70
SpiritTotem80icon Dragon Shadow Soul 80
SpiritTotem90icon Fairy-killing Feather Soul 90
SpiritTotem100icon God Display Mirror Soul 100
SpiritTotem70icon Dragon Divine 70
SpiritTotem80icon State Protected Divine 80
SpiritTotem90icon Colorful Feathers Divine 90
SpiritTotem100icon Golden Mirror Divine 100
Soul type weapons cannot sell to other player, it is bound items.
Divine type weapons already modify weapons.

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