Official Guide Sigils & Seals by Seraph

NPC - Yin Wanchou:
in Phoenix Village

The Phantasm Seals
The chief let me use this trial furnace to further you training. I can not conceive of why the chief likes you so much. He doesn't let just anyone use the trial furnace. This trial furnace is a magical object handed down from ancient times. It can melt almost any material and it allows weapons to absorb spiritual poser. There is also a contained phantasm realm inside the trial furnace. The user can enter inside of it. Usually the members in the craftsmen union will make use of this phantasm to build weapons, because it is full of spiritual power, so it is easier to build up magical weapons. The members of the Craftsmen Union will enter this phantasm realm to build weapons because it is full of spirit energy. It is easier to craft magical weapons inside. Today, the chief even asks you to use this phantasm to fight with the spirit of seal, it is really a reckless waste of god's good gift.

This guest is a guide quest, using to help the players to experience the damage block effect of using the Seal reinforcement equipment. The chif has asked that you use this phantasm realm to fight the Spirt of the Seal. oh what a reckless use of the god's gift... This is guide guest, use to help apprentice warriors experience the damage block effect of using the Seal reinforced equipment.

Sigil Strengthen Equipment Requires Level Potential Points Seal Level State Add Unit Price
Silver Yellow Emperor Seal 640 4 (already modiffed) Internal Damage Relief +27
Head, Face, Upper body, Lower Body, Back, Wrist, Feet, Neck, Belt, Left Hand Ring

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