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Sabre is a AOE close combat broadsword weapon.
Image Weapon Type Level Description
Sabre10icon Knife of the Sky 10 The Sabre talents and skills can be used after this weapon is equipted.
Sabre20icon Cold-light Sword 20
Sabre30icon No Scratch 30
Sabre40icon Cliff-chopping Sabre 40
Sabre50icon Green Spring 50
Sabre60icon Dance of Fire 60
Sabre70icon Army-eliminating Devil 70
Sabre80icon Bully Demon 80
Sabre90icon Sea Dragon Sabre 90
Sabre100icon Fractured Soul Sabre 100
Sabre30icon War of Empire Soul 30
Sabre40icon Star Lock Soul 40
Sabre50icon Phoenix Feather Soul 50
Sabre60icon Yan Xuan Soul 60
Sabre70icon Screaming Sabre Soul 70
Sabre80icon Evil-warning Sabre Soul 80
Sabre90icon Dragon-killing Sabre Soul 90
Sabre100icon Leaping Dragon-Kingslayer Soul 100
Sabre70icon Sabre of the Phoenix Divine 70
Sabre80icon Dragon Scale Divine 80
Sabre90icon Green Cloud Sabre Divine 90
Sabre100icon Heaven Robbing Divine 100
Soul type weapons cannot sell to other player, it is bound items.
Divine type weapons already modify weapons.