Production refers to what is commonly called "crafting" in an MMORPG: the harvesting and refinement of raw materials, and using those materials in the creation of finished products like food, weapons, and armor.

Production Skills Edit

The list of production skills is:

Learn Dialog Name Unlearn Dialog Name Skill Tab Name*
Mine Mine Collecting
Harvest Harvest Harvesting
SmeltSmelt Smelting
RefineCraft Craftsmanship
PharmacyPharmacy Alchemy
ForgeForge Forging
Armour MakingArmour Making Armour Making
TailorTailor Tailoring
CraftRefine Gem Crafting
DismantleDismantle Revealing

*As of patch, the Production Skill Tutor lists the names of some of these differently in his Learn/Unlearn dialog than they appear in the Production Skill Tab.