Sword Sabre Bow Fist & Claw Spirit Totem Zither


Polearm is a great weapon to be able to tank.
Image Weapon Soul Level Description
Polearm10icon Thunder Spear No 10 The Pole-arm talents and skills can be used after this weapon is equipted.
Polearm20icon Poisonous Spear No 20
Polearm30icon Strange Bone Staff No 30
Polearm40icon Purple Golden Spear No 40
Polearm50icon Fairy Stone Staff No 50
Polearm60icon Yun Yan No 60
Polearm70icon Ice Soul No 70
Polearm80icon Blood Devil Halberd No 80
Polearm90icon Golden Kylin No 90
Polearm100icon Powerful Bevel No 100
Polearm30icon Soul-melting Bone Soul 30
Polearm40icon Purple Spiritual Soul 40
Polearm50icon Ancestor Soul Soul 50
Polearm60icon Burning Star Soul 60
Polearm70icon Flying Ice Phoenix Soul 70
Polearm80icon Blood-bat Scimitar Soul 80
Polearm90icon Heaven Disaster Soul 90
Polearm100icon Whale Chopping Soul 100
Polearm70icon Spring Frost Blade Divine 70
Polearm80icon Blood Xuanyuan Divine 80
Polearm90icon Cracking of Heaven Divine 90
Polearm100icon Golden Dragon Chisel Divine 100
Soul type weapons cannot sell to other player, it is bound items.
Divine type weapons already modify weapons.