Weapon Damage is the basic damage dealt by your main weapon. Depending on the weapon, it can be a fixed number or a range.

Martial Soul is a value that allows you to compare weapons of the same level. The higher the Martial Soul, the better the weapon.

Movement is your current movement rate. Certain skills may increase it, while debuffs may reduce it.

Courage affects the damage you recieve.

Internal Injury is gotten by dieing. You lose attack when you are internally injured. You can wait a long time for it to go back to 0 by itself, or you can visit a doctor in town to get healed.

Luck helps your weapon enchancing success rate.

Most equipment has an Appearance value. The more expensive and better the equipment is, the higher the Appearance value.

Leadership raises your team's experience rate - if you are the team leader.

Vitality is raised by joining certain effects. It is required to craft.

Morals is your PK value. It goes down each time you kill someone. If it goes too high, you can recieve penalties - including the chance of dropping equipment on death!

Power is the cumulative power of your character. The higher the number, the stronger you are.