Status + pointsEdit

The shape of everyone in the world not the same as in the "dragon" in the development of each person according to the direction of information are different from time to time to see the way important information is an essential element of adventure.


  You can use the default "C" button, open the role of the Information Bar, see your role in the current necessary information.

  In the "Dragon", the role of information includes the following columns:

  Status: View the role of property and equipment.

  Mingtie: View profile.

  Reputation: View individual clan prestige, into clan Hall of Fame

  Title: View individual access to individual titles.

Properties roleEdit

A property Role
Physique The role of physical and external work to increase defense
Impulsive Increase the role of the external work and external work defensive attack
Vitality Infuriating and internal strength to increase the role of defense
Internal forces Increase the role of internal strength and internal strength attack defense
Technical force Increase the role of the hit and attack skills
Shenfa Increase the role of the dodge and defense skills
Two properties Role
Physical When the strength is 0, the figure of death
Infuriating Consumed when using the most infuriating skills
Stamina When using a small number of skills, staying power consumption
External work against External work to enhance the skills of the damage type of injury and reduce the external work injury rate of the type of skills are parry
Defense external work Reduce the external work by the skills of the damage type of injury, increased external work rate of the type of injury parry skill
Internal strength attack Enhance the skills of internal strength damage type of injury, type of injury reduced internal strength skills are parry rate
Internal strength defense Reduce the damage by the internal strength of the damage type of skills, increased internal strength skills, parry rate of injury types
Attack skills Enhance the damage of all attacks and the risk of a fatal blow occurred, reducing the chance to be parry
Defense skills Reduce injury and suffered a fatal blow was struck by the chance to enhance the chances of block
Hit Improve the chances of hitting the enemy
Dodge Reduce your chance of hitting the enemy

The role of the stateEdit

  Located in the lower left corner of the interface is the role of integrated data. You can keep abreast of the current state in which the role.


Properties Role
Weapon damage The power of external work injury class skills
Wuhun Skills of the power of internal strength damage classes
Equipment Armor Reduce the normal attack damage
Morale Increase in the proportion of attacks by the power of your
Internal injury Role after the death, according to the severity of internal injuries reduced the role of property
Humble Construction
Appearance Construction
Governing Construction
Energy value Production skills required to use the energy consumption of a certain value
Ethics Free mode of the color and the name of death penalty
Repair Construction


  "Dragon" to wear a total of a total of 13 equipment.

Attribute pointsEdit

  People will upgrade every time a certain attribute points, attribute points obtained by the two parts.

  Attribute points will reward many tasks.


Assignable attribute points People get 2 points per level
Not assign attribute points People will automatically increase when upgrading a number of properties

Common ProblemsEdit

Problem Answer
You can wash at? There props can reset attribute points, but very rare.
Why do I add a point is useless? End points plus points after the OK button, you can point in determining the withdrawal before the plus points before giving up.
How do I add a little panel did not see property? The role of information in the lower right corner of the interface has an option: add a little panel display properties, you can open / close the property add a little panel.