Ingot Trade is an interface for purchasing or selling Ingots with other players through the Dragon Mall.

For example, to purchase Ingots:

  1. Open your Dragon Market with "V".
  2. Select "Ingot Trade" from the buttons in the upper left.
  3. The left selection list with the column name "Selling" shows you the current ingots for sale.
  4. Under this list there are two tabs: Consign (i.e., sell) and Purchase.
  5. Select the "Purchase" tab.
  6. Click once on the Ingots you wish to purchase from the "Selling" list.
  7. Enter the Price (listed above in the "Selling" column) and Number (amount of Ingots) you wish to purchase.
  8. Click on the "Purchase" button.
  9. Confirm your purchase.

Notes Edit

  • The prices listed in Ingot Trade are per Ingot.
    • I.e., if the Selling column lists 4000 silver, and the Ingots column lists 14 Ingots, it would cost 5 gold 6000 silver to buy all 14 Ingots.
  • You must be level 30 to use the Ingot Trade feature.
  • Make sure to deposit gold in the "Fund in Trading Account" section of the interface in order to make these transactions.