These quests are given by the Guild Administrator
Completing guild quests gives various bonus' from contribution, experience and various tokens for special merchant.

Guild Quest

Business MissionEdit

Probably the most difficult to understand of the guild quests.

First to take the quest, you need to pay 1 gold. You are then given initial funds to make trades.
During the mission you will not be able to teleport by any means. Only mounts are allowed. It is also advised to invest in the Walk on Water Talent to make the process faster.

If you cancel the mission, everything bought and the initial gold will be lost. If you die during the mission, you will lose part of your cargo.

Once you have accepted the mission, your goal is to buy items from Guild Merchant or Black Market Dealer and sell it to Guild Merchant or Black Market Dealer in other cities, at a profit, until you gain the amount required by the quest.

Prices change every 10 minutes, so be aware of the price you bought the item for and how much you are reselling at in order to make good profit.

The Black Market Dealer sells and buys items for a much better price and makes it the fastest way to complete mission.

When you complete the mission everything beside the initial fund will go toward the guild funds. You will also get experience and construction token.

Guild business
Guild Funds
Level Initial Fund Goal Xp reward Contribution
30 - 39 20000 50000 30000 5
40 - 59 20000 100000 45000 10
60 + 40000 200000 60000 15

NPC - Merchant or Black Market Dealer

Guild Trading

Collect Money and RessourceEdit

This quest will boost Guild materials by 10. The objective is either to buy an item from merchant or drop "loot" from monsters (items that you usually sell to NPC vendors)

Maintain StabilityEdit

Boost guild stability on completion.
Objectives are very random from killing normal to elite mobs to speaking to a random NPC.

Guild CalendarEdit

Randomly gives a 'Kill (x) monsters' quest.