A guild is a group of players, formally organized within the game through a special interface, quests, and a guild chat channel.

Guild StatsEdit

Guild Level: Limits the number of players that can join, and the number of players allowed in each group of the guild, e.g. the teams such as Qinglong Tang, elites, and commons. Also limits the level of guild skills that can be acquired.
Guild Funds: This is the guild money. It starts at 100 000 silver (10 gold) which is the amount that was paid to create the guild. It is used in every guild action.
Guild Materials: Gained through guild quest, the materials are used to level guild skills or provide temporary buffs to all members.
Guild Stability: Uncertain of use right now. Maybe connected to city control. Perhaps the same as Guild Security, which determines the speed of researching guild skills.
Guild Maintenance: The amount of money taken from Guild funds on a regular basis.

Guild RanksEdit

In order of the interface:


                                                       Guild Master (1)

Purple Cloak (1 female character only) - Vice-Master (3) - Red Cloak (1 female character only)

 Qinglong Master/Elder   Baihu Master/Elder      Zhuque Master/Elder      Xuanwu Master/Elder

   Qinglong Second             Baihu Second             Zhuque Second             Xuanwu Second

   Qinglong Member            Baihu Member            Zhuque Member            Xuanwu Member

                Elite Members (Limited to 5)                                Common Members


**1st and 2nd Row** - Can do all guild quest.

**3rd, 4th, and 5th Row** - All of those are able to invite others to the guild. They can also appoint people serving under them to have access to the same quest.


QinglongElder(1) -
BaihuElder(1) - Can do "Collect Money and Ressource" quest
ZhuqueElder(1) - Can do business quest
XuanwuElder (1) -

All of those are able to invite others to the guild.
They can also appoint people serving under them to have access to the same quest.

Loong Guild Ranks and Levels

Loong Guild Ranks/Levels Interface

(Note: This Section just needs a Little More Detail.)

Guild SkillsEdit

Guild skills can be developed but cost a lot of guild funds and guild materials.

Level 1 skill requires 5 mats and 20000 funds for each 5% (or less).

Progression is not instant but can be made quicker with a guild book.

See Also Edit

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