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Fist and ClawEdit

Fist and Claw is a short range internal attack weapon.
Image Weapon Soul Level Description
FistClaw10icon Jade Hand No 10 The Yang, Yin, and Healing & Poison talents and skills can be used after this weapon is equipted.
FistClaw20icon Crystal Hand No 20
FistClaw30icon Evil-Eliminating Hand No 30
FistClaw40icon Novel-writing Hand No 40
FistClaw50icon Ghost Hand No 50
FistClaw60icon Red-Wind Hand No 60
FistClaw70icon Stone Hand No 70
FistClaw80icon Dragon Hand No 80
FistClaw90icon Soul Beast Hand No 90
FistClaw100icon Demon and Lost No 100
FistClaw30icon Budda Relics Soul 30
FistClaw40icon Anger of Xuanwu Soul 40
FistClaw50icon Soul Eating Soul 50
FistClaw60icon Steel Dragon Scale Soul 60
FistClaw70icon No Achievements Soul 70
FistClaw80icon Water Dragon Bird Soul 80
FistClaw90icon Demon Soul Soul 90
FistClaw100icon Poisonous Eyes Soul 100
FistClaw70icon Green Ghost Lotus Divine 70
FistClaw80icon Dragon Sabre Divine 80
FistClaw90icon Beast King Divine 90
FistClaw100icon Broken Ghost Hand Divine 100
Soul type weapons cannot sell to other player, it is bound items.
Divine type weapons already modify weapons.

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