Fishing can be performed using fishing tools while standing in a designated fishing location.

Fishing in Dragon Village Edit

To fish currently, you must go to Dragon Village. To get there from the Heavenly Dragon Castle, speak with Jiang Ziya.

There you can get the once-daily quest from the Old Fisherman called Fishing over the Blue Stream.

Completing the quest awards a Common Fishing Lure and 1000 experience. The lure lasts for 4 hours, so it's a good idea to wait before completing the quest until you know you'll have time to use up the lure within the next 4 hours (it takes one hour to use up the lure).

You are also awarded:

  • a High Grade Fishing Lure for completing Pan Gu's introductory quest The Old Fisherman
  • a Carp Nemesis Fishhook for completing a quest from the Old Fisherman NPC, available after receiving Pan Gu's quest.

Fishing Lures Edit

Image Name No. of Uses
CommonFishingLure Common Fishing Lure 120 (expires in 4 hours)
HighGradeFishingLure High Grade Fishing Lure 960

Fish HooksEdit

Image Name Effect
CarpNemesisFishhook Carp Nemesis Fishhook Chance to catch Dragon Carp for 1, 7 or 30 days