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Various monsters drop certain items that can be sold to merchants, exchanged for reputation or even used for certain quests like the Guild Material Gathering quest. Below is a list of Drops and which monsters drop them.

Image Item Level Monsters Location
Spirit Devil Soul 100 Spirit Devil Soul 36-40 Epang Goblin, Epang Ghost, Demonic Epang Ghost, 2429, 2616: Phoenix Village
10000-YearDevilSoul 10000-Year Devil Soul

Dark Forest Spirit, Ebi Sprite, Ox-eating Devil,

1890, 2334: Magic River
Agate Ear-Ring 76-80 Xiawu Robbers [Wuyi]
Agate Pearl 71-75

Tiewu Werewolf  Chiyuan Burglar

Gate of Jiaye Old Castle [Wuyi]
Ancient Chan Container 80-85 Humanoids Patrol Guards [Panlong 1400-900]
Ancient Devil Soul 90-95 Devils Water Devil near Sky Ladder [Kunlun]
Beast Skin Beast Skin 16-20 Sky Ring-tailed Fox, Ring-tailed Fox, Grey Wolf, 3289, 1223: Dragon Castle
BigBeastSkin Big Beast Skin

Foggy Mountain Tiger, Yangtong Wolf, Tiece Scorpion, Golden Leopard, Clamp-jawed Tiger, Lixia Bird Man,

2601, 2499: Magic River
BigDevilSoul Big Devil Soul 30-35 Spiny Devil Flower, Devil Flower, 734, 1101: Pheonix Village
Hair Clasp01 Bone-hair Clasp 30-35 Sabre Orcs, Eagle-eye Orcs, Blood Orc, 647, 389: Phoenix Village
Bone Needle Bone Needle 10-15 Devil Werewolves, Vampire Werewolf, Alpha Werewolf, Russet Carp Demon, Gold Carp Demon, 3021, 2232: Dragon Castle
Coarse Beast Skin Coarse Beast Skin 20-25 Sky Eye Tiger, Sabremaw Snow Leopard, 3166, 3053: Dragon Castle
Coarse-IronContainer Coarse-Iron Container

Houtang Soldier, Tiechuang Soldier, Feisha Soldier, Iron-Bearded Burglar, Red-eyed Burglar, Inspection Spy, Rebel Infantry, Rebel Scout, Heishen Soldier, Daoshan Soldier, Nili Soldier, Revival Wizard,

1249, 1957: Magic River

1261, 2348: Magic River

Cold Bone Bead Cold Bone Bead 30-35 Shenli Apeman, Sheli Beastman, 267, 1184: Phoenix Village
Pottery03 Colourful Pottery 25-30 Shipwrecked Buccaneer, Shipwrecked Pirate, Shangu Warrior, 1312, 2787: Dragon Castle
CopperContainer Copper 


51-55 Fengshan Brigand, Wind Mountain Burglar, 3060, 2362: Zhuolu
JadeRing Crystal Jade Bangle 85-90 Qinlong Fish,Devil Lotus Flower Baizhuan River Source ( Panlong)
DelicatePotteryRob Deep Black Figure 91-95 Humanoids Human around Tianyong Ruins [Kunlun]
DelicateBeastSkin Delicate Beast Skin

Red-eyed Leopard, Devil Fox, Soul-eating Devil Fox,

938, 2035: Magic River
DelicatePotteryRob Delicate Pottery 30 Flying Burglar 2179, 2467: Dragon Castle
Pottery01 Delicate Pottery 20-25 Juren Warrior, Juren Archer, Juren Hammerbrute, Baisui Tribesman, Chisui Tribesman, Baisui Chief, Chisui Chief, Ironspine Werewolf, Qingling Werewolf, 3517, 3132: Dragon Castle
DelicateTurtleShell Delicate Turtle Shell 35-40 Giant Relic Scorpion, 2121, 2550: Phoenix Village
Demon-PatternTurtleShell Demon-Pattern Turtle Shell

Devil Scorpion, Devil Wasp,

876, 2064: Magic River

993, 2025: Magic River

Departed Devil Soul 85-90 Devils ???
Devil-PatternTurtleShell Devil Pattern Turtle Shell 46-50 Fog Wasp, Poisonous Bee, Dew Wasp, 1123, 2899: Zhuolu
Dirty Devil Soul 80-85 Devils Yumi Platform-Sumeru/Sprite Liluo Zhai [Panloong]
Disease Beast Skin 85-90 Beasts ???
Distant Devil Soul 95-100 Devils ???
Enamel01 Enamel 40-45 Exiled Warrior, Exiled Soldier , Exiled Hammerbrute , Savage Ghost Soldier , Abused Slave , Cruel Slavedriver , Rebel Soldier , Rebel Yinyang Master , Guard , 1674, 1589: Phoenix Village
Epoch Beast Skin 71-75 Golden Leopard, Sword Tiger, Grey Tiger


Jiaye Old Castle

Fairy-PatternTurtleShell Fairy-Pattern Turtle Shell 60-65

Rock Carp Demon, Stinging Wasp,

2388, 634: Dragon Castle

1695, 1861: Magic River

Fine-IronContainer Fine-Iron Container 60-65

Cangmang Executioner, Lixia Carp Demon, Sanmiao Robber, Bone-breaking Soldier,

2478, 546: Dragon Castle
Skin01 Fine Beast Skin 25-30 Sabretooth, Old Sabretoothed Tiger, Shipwrecked Wolfhound, 1363, 2794: Dragon Castle
Ghost Turtle Shell 90-95 Insecters Water devil near sky lad
Pottery05 Glazed Pottery Container 40-45 Foreign Performer, Foreign Orc, Foreign Slave, Zhuolu Bandit , Zhuolu Thug , Chiyou Soldier , Bandit , 2327, 1600: Zhuolu
Skin01 Golden-String Beast Skin Mountain Scorpion, Ferocious Tiger, Tame Wolf, Amber Wolf, 2406, 2357: Zhuolu
Green Delicate Necklace 90-95 Werewolf northeast of Baimayuan [kunlun]
GreenJadeContainer Green Jade Container Shrine Raider, Guard, Spiritual Soldier, 2416, 593: Magic River
Green Jade-Ear Ring 80-85 Werewolf in Lotus Pond [Wuyi]
Pottery03 Green Pottery 36-40 Lanxiang Bandits, Huangxiang Bandits, Yiji Devilkin, 1762, 2209: Phoenix Village
HardBeastSkin Hard Beast Skin 40-45

Ironspine Werewolf,

2230, 1619: Phoenix Village
Heaven Beast Skin Moon Demon Wolf 1740, 530: Wuyi
Heaven Beast Skin 95-100 Beasts ???
Heaven Spirit Beast Skin Underworld Tiger Wuyi
HeavenSpiritDevilSoul Heaven Sprit Devil Soul Panyang Devil Snake, Pretty Devil Fox, Evil Rogue, 2010, 1406: Magic RIver
Skin03 High Quality Beast Skin 36-40 Fubai Wolf, 1453, 2583: Phoenix Village
JadePearl Jade Pearl 65-70 Southern Savage, Devil Fish, 1881, 1862: Magic RIver
JadeRing Jade Ring 50-55

Qiye Carp Demon, Young Qiye Carp,

1264, 1554: Zhuolu
JadeStoneContainer Jade Stone Container Yangtong Soldier, Tiece Medicine Master, Tiece Poison Master, Baiyue Road Bandit, Baiyue Robber, Rebel Soldier, Rebel Captain, Foggy Mountain Ape, 2082, 2161: Magic River
JadeString Jade String 54-55

Hungry Ape, Orc Axeman, Orc Rogue, Orc Warrior,

2833, 1090: Zhuolu
Jade Ear-ring Jade Ear-ring Dianqiu Devil Wolf, Departed Water Ghost, Beastman, Iron-scaled Devil Fish, 2545, 1904: Magic River
Large Snail Shell Large Snail Shell 20-25 Scarlet Hornet, Purple-winged Wasp, 3089, 3743: Dragon Castle
Leather Scraps Leather Scraps 7-15 Grey Creek Fox, Red Creek Fox, Blood Fox, Blood Fox Kit, Blue Blood Fox, Dragonfield Blood Wolf, Evil Dragonfield Wolf, 3073, 1800: Dragon Castle
Methodist Chan Container 85-90 Humanoids
Spirit-ConcentratedDevilSoul Original-Sprite Devil Soul 55-60

Green Flower Sprites,

3016, 956: Zhuolu
PiebaldBeastSkinBloodWolf Piebald Beast Skin Red Blood Demon Wolf 670, 1660: Magic River
JadeRingOrcWizards Pottery Ring 45-50

Fengbo Werewolf, Water Orc, Wind Wolf Soldier, Orc Wizard, Tailin Carp Demon , Viletin Carp ,

2229, 1990: Zhuolu
Prime Spirit Beast Skin 90-95 Fox Jiuzhangyuan [Kunlun]
Secret Sprite Devil Soul

Musical Flower Demon,

Small Spirit Devil Souls 20-25 Devils near Lingxi Town
Spirit-AttachedTurtleShell Spirit-Attached Turtle Shell Flaming Scorpion, Panyang Wasp, 2106, 1247: Magic River
SpiritBeastSkin Spirit Beast Skin 60-65

Scavenger Wolf,

1461, 364: Dragon Caste
Spirit-ConcentratedDevilSoul Spirit Concentrated Devil 40-45 Siren, Colourful Siren, 2071, 456: Phoenix Village
Spirit Turtle Shell 76-80 Insects West of Serenity Castle-Quianhui Dang [Panlong]
Snail Shell Snail Shell 17-20 Giant Pool Wasp, Half-mile Poison Drone,

3496, 807: Dragon Castle

War-PatternTurtleShellSteelWingedWasp Stone-Abyss Turtle Shell

Fierce Red Wasp, Black-Tailed Scorpion,

600-1370: Panloong
JadeRingOrcWizards Stone Ring 36-40 Fubai Werewolves, 1407, 2646: Phoenix Village
DelicatePotteryRob Supreme Figure 95-100 Humanoids ???
Skin02 Top Grade Beast Skin 30-35 Pangu Tigers, Pangu Tiger Cubs, Five-coloured Mountain Wolf, Phoenix Village Wolf, Wolf Cub, 451, 1565: Phoenix Village
True-SpritDevilSoul True-Spirit Devil Soul 65

Bamboo Flower Demon, Bamboo Lake Sprite, Peony Blossom, Charming Fox,

1331, 1613: Magic River
Tutle Shell Turtle Shell 24-30 Purple Scorpoin, Poisonous Scorpion, Giant Scorpoin, Wind Scorpion, Sand Scorpoin, Scalewing Drone, Scalewing Worker, 1776, 3354: Dragon Castle
Underworld Sprit Devil Soul 76-80 Devils Yaoroo Path [Serenity Mountain]
War-PatternTurtleShellSteelWingedWasp War-Pattern Turtle Shell

Steel-winged Wasp

Zhuolu Wild Wasp

827, 1695: Magic River


White Jade Container 76-80 Humanoids South of Longyin path [Serenity Mountain]
Pottery01 White Pottery 30-35 Fengming Wizard, Fengming Bandits, Ensiaved Barbarian, Hulking Barbarian, Barbarian Brute, Barbarian Raider, Masked Monk, 715, 759: Phoenix Village

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