Equipment Craftsman creates brand new Weapon, Armour, Cloth and Jewelry.

NPC - Dongfang Tianyuan:
Guiding Quest in Heavenly Dragon Castle

The Craftsman is just opposite from me. You can use materials to make diffent equipment with him if you have the right Equipment Patterns.

Weapon patterns are put to use with the Forging skill. Armour patterns can be made using the Armour skill. Cloth Armour patterns are required to make gear with the Tailoring skill. Decoration patterns are used with the Refining skill.

You can trade patterns with other palyers that have the relevant producation skill.

NPC - Pan Gu:
Guiding Quest in Heavenly Dragon Castle

The Enhanced equipment will be more powerful. It uses the equipment's Potential Value to enhance the equipment, so the higher the potential value, the more times you can enhance the equipment.

Normally, the basic potential value of equipment created by the Production Skill is better than looted equipment.

NPC - Craftsman


Weapon Craft Armour Craft Cloth Craft Jewelry Craft

April 20, 2012

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