In-Game Description Edit

(As told by NPC Qu Wenchang:)
There are 8 clans. The Nuwa Clan evolved new techniques in metallurgy and produce some of the finest armour; The Xuanyuan Clan evolved great character and created Hua Xia; The Sanmiao Clan is known for their poison and they worship ghosts; The JiuLi Clan domesticates animals; the Shennong Clan is accomplished in medicine; the Fuxi Clan watches the sky and calculates fate; the Yuezhi Clan is famous for their Bows, and the Gonggong Clan is tough and strong.

These 8 clans are located the different regions of the HuaXia Lands, and only the Dragon Castle is independent. The relationship between 8 clans is very complicated.

Picking a Clan Edit

Before you choose a clan to raise your Reputation/Contribution with, look at the inventory of each clan's merchant NPC to see which is the right one for your class/build (basically, looking at main weapon choice).

The following table shows which clans are recommended for which weapons:

Clan Weapon
Yuezhi Bow
Sanmiao Glove
Jiuli Polearm
Nuwa Yin Totem
Gonggong Sabre
Shennong Yang Totem
Fuxi Zither
Xuanyuan Sword

Reputation and Contribution Edit

Reputation: The higher the reputation, the better the items you can buy from the clan. Contribution: An amount is deducted from your contribution pool if you buy something from the clan. e.g. 60 Contribution for a level 30 weapon.

You can contribute to both Reputation and Contribution by turning in certain items to your clan.

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