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Bow is the only long ranged external (AKA physical) attack weapon in the whole game. It has good debuffs and good moderately-high damage skills.
Image Weapon Soul Level Description
Bow10icon Wing of Azure Dragon No 10 The Bow talents and skills can be used after this weapon is equipted.
Bow20icon Broken Skeleton No 20
Bow30icon Cold Light No 30
Bow40icon Spirit Snake Jump No 40
Bow50icon Blood Scale Thom No 50
Bow60icon Ghost Shadow No 60
Bow70icon Dark Light No 70
Bow80icon Thunder No 80
Bow90icon Rainbow No 90
Bow100icon Fallen Cloud Rainy No 100
Bow30icon Rainbow Light Soul 30
Bow40icon Ancient Ghost Soul 40
Bow50icon Fire Dragon Soul 50
Bow60icon Peace Moon Soul 60
Bow70icon Be Misty and Forget Soul 70
Bow80icon Sun-shooting Bow Soul 80
Bow90icon Phoenix Dancing Sky Soul 90
Bow100icon Sky Roaring Scale Soul 100
Bow70icon Devil-Killing Bow Divine 70
Bow80icon Voidfire Bow Divine 80
Bow90icon Cold Divine Shooting Divine 90
Bow100icon Demon Rain Divine 100
Soul type weapons cannot sell to other player, it is bound items.
Divine type weapons already modify weapons.