• Shinkarutzku

    Greetings Contributors/Admins/Founderer of this Wikia,

             I have sent in an adoption request to become an admin of this wikia as there is not an active admin currently in the wikia to change, update, and keep the wikia stable. I am creating this blog to inform everyone that I may be taking full responsibilty of this wikia and all of its changes and updates. I will keep this wikia stable as I may be doing major changes to this wikia without the consent or permission of any founderers as well as any other admin. As I said before, the inactivity of this wikia has kept it unstable. Therefore, without an administration, I am willing to take the job as a leader of this wikia and the new administration to stabalize it. I am trusting all of t…

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  • HeavenAngel326

    Have finished some of tactics, sabre, polearm, bow, healing and poison intermediate skills data now working on sword intermediate skill and rest of skill too.

    You can do it, so are we. Go go go Wiki the builder.
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  • HeavenAngel326

    Nice Job

    April 21, 2012 by HeavenAngel326

    Nice Job on Loong main page totally impressive.

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