Loong Online Wikia Announcements and News:

  • Weclome New Loong Members [Loong Online Gamigo Website -].
  • As well as the Loong Online Wikia, you can also Register and Talk in Discussions in Loong Forums [Loong Online Forums -].
  • Try to Vote for your Favorite Type of Loong Warrior/Class.
  • Chat Room is On, Log In, and Chat.
  • Navigation Menu has Added some New community and forum Features.
  • Currently we’re using code based on MediaWiki Version 1.16. Wikia will upgrade to the Version 1.19 of the MediaWiki Software at some point in Late 2012.
  • Help! Needs more active Administrators and Contributors to Fill In Information, and Edit/Expand some Incomplete/Semi-Complete Pages. For more information on becoming an Administrator, contact Shinkarutzku, Wiki Staff, or other Founders/Administrators of this Wikia that are still active.
  • For any complications, restrictions, questions, or just even general problems, please contact Shinkarutzku by PM on the Wikia (Private Messaging), PM on the Forums (Private Messaging), or by Shinkarutzku's e-mail: