All Elements All Elements
Description: Attack all the monsters within a 25 meter radius. This will consume the Wind-Fire Stone when you use this skill. There is no talent and weapon limit for using this skill.

(* Cultivating Book - All Elements skill rewards from Cultivating Course quests. *)

Weapon: No Limit Skill Talent: No Limit
Skill Action: Active Damage Type: AoE Damge
Skill Max Level: 1/1

Skill Level 1
Effected: Attack all the monsters.
Required Skill: None
Required Level: 10
Talent Points: 0 point(s)
Damage Power: 0 point(s)
Range Distance: 25 meter(s)
Casting Time: 1 second(s)
Cool Down: 180 second(s)
Consume: 1 Wind-Fire Stone

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